Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the new king of Switch games!

super smash bros. ultimate

2018 may be drawing to a close but it’s not getting any less interesting. Why? Because the Pokemon Let’s Go! games have already been dethroned as the fastest selling Nintendo Switch game of all time!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sales rocketed past the three million mark on Tuesday (18 Dec), a mere 11 days after its release. This is an astounding feat for a Switch title, not to mention a Smash Bros. game. Not that we’re surprised, to be honest.

The newest branch on the family tree is also the biggest, with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate having a cast of 76 playable characters. It’s a no-holds-barred platform brawler where players try to knock their opponents off the stage by combining attacks and character-specific special techniques, and the levels themselves also have moves of their own. Various characters from all over the Nintendo-verse make an appearance, such as Mario, Pikachu, and Samus, as well as plenty of external characters such as Megaman, Solid Snake, and Joker to name a few.

Nintendo also noted that it’s on track to achieving the 38 million sales target for the Switch console by March 2019, although only their US data has been made public so far. Regardless, considering how well the console has been doing, it looks like the only way it’s going is up.

Kenneth Ang

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