Super Crate Box Goes On Steam, Is Free To Play

There are some games that are frustrating and addictive. I call them “games for self-punishment”. One such example is indie game Super Crate Box, that is now on Steam, and is free to play.

Super Crate Box is a 2010 indie game that used to be a standalone game for PC and Mac. The premise is simple: collect the crates and avoid the monsters. Open the crates and use the guns to shoot the monsters. But the game is not that easy. It’s never that easy. I never got past 13 crates in a single game, yet it seems players worldwide have already collected over 1.1 billion boxes over time and across three major platforms, including on iOS.

The game has arrived on Steam and is SteamPlay compatible… although the game is already free and that doesn’t really add anything. The original standalone downloads are still available and the iOS version, that has surprisingly responsive touch controls, is on the App Store for $2.58.

Super Crate Box: Original Standalone | Steam