Street Fighter's 25th Has A Fitting Celebration Here In Singapore

Fighting games are more than just games. They’re a subculture.

And so it was fitting that the tagline plastered across all the posters and backdrops for the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary in Singapore read: ‘i am street fighter’.

The celebrations for 25 years of this much-beloved franchise saw tournaments conducted for all Street Fighter game series. Competitions were held for Street Fighter x Tekken, Street Fighter HD Remix, Street Fighter: Third Strike, and Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, with prizes ranging from limited edition SFxT USB drives, to plane tickets to Taiwan and the Tokyo Game Show. The Top 8 finals for all games culminated on the grand stage at Wisma Atria.

A constant audience of more than 120 people was riveted on the stage where the matches were being played – and how they roared when upsets were caused! Apart from the usual faces from the local fighting game community, there were also many passers-by who stopped by, curious at all the commotions. The main stage had been up since Friday, and each day, the public was also privy to the chance to win a Crystal White PS Vita by beating Hajime Taniguchi, better known as Tokido, one of Japan’s fighting game greats!

“The event is good, and all the matches that I saw in the Tokido challenge – they showed that Singapore players have the drive to win… not just in local tournaments, but on the international stage as well. It’s a great event!” said Rose player Chris ‘m_flo’ Hong, who had taken part in the 3rd Strike tournament.

By the end of the day’s matches, the crowd was truly riled up, even for a long-forgotten series like Street Fighter HD Remix. Check out the tournaments’ results below, then browse the gallery above for photos. More photos can also be found on our Facebook page.

Street Fighter 2 HDR

Street Fighter Third Strike

1st – Jack
1st – Akira Hattori
2nd – RealDeal
2nd – Airconman
3rd – Wilson
3rd – Weijie


Street Fighter x Tekken

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

1st – Gackt
1st – Gackt
2nd – Xian
2nd – Xian
3rd – Sonic
3rd – Tommy