Street Fighter X Tekken has a S'pore release date, game bundles

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced the March 6th release date for Street Fighter X Tekken in Singapore, as well as bundle packs that will feature the game and MadCatz gamesticks.

The fighting game crossover will also contain a limited “Iron Curtain Pack” voucher card during its initial release, as well as bundles that come with MadCatz gaming peripherals, namely the MADCATZ “STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN Arcade FightPad SD on the Joypad Bundle and the MADCATZ “STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN Arcade FightStick PRO on the Joystick Bundle, retailing for S$118.90 and S$288.90 respectively. Both packs also come bundled with a Character Command Card.

If you could use with a little less plastic, Street Fighter X Tekken will also be available in a Special Edition pack that comes with the game’s Original Soundtrack, Bubble Budds featuring the likenesses of Ono and Harada and a “Special Complete Pack” voucher card, going for S$87.90.