STGCC Adds More To Its Guestlist

More guest names have been announced for STGCC.

Among the new lineup are comic illustrator Jason Paz and character designer Martin Hsu.

Paz has illustrated Incredible Hulk, Marvel Zombies Supreme, Thor: Deviants Saga and Agents of Atlas. Fans of The Walking Dead may also recognise his art in the sketch card sets from the series.

Hsu, on the other hand, deals with more family-friendly fare. A character designer at Disney TV Animation and Nickelodeon, his works have also been featured in major exhibitions for Sanrio, Hasbro, and Disney.

Comic illustrators Mico Suayan, Carlo Pagulayan, and Stephen Segovia are also hitting STGCC this year, along with toy personalities Koto Nishiyama and Shinichiro Kitai of DEVILROBOTS fame.

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