Sony Has A Newer, Thinner, Lighter PS3 For You

Sony got so excited over at the Tokyo Game Show they decided to release info and specs for their new PlayStation 3 models at their pre-TGS press conference before the show even begins.

The new PlayStation 3 CECH-4000 models will come with 250GB (¥24,980) and 500GB (¥29,980) hard drives, while being lighter and thinner than the current PS3 “Slim”. If you want it black, Japan will have theirs on October 4th, with white models from November 22nd.

The revised PS3 will also be available in North America on September 25th with the 250GB model bundled with Uncharted 3 for US$270 and the 500GB model bundled with Assassin’s Creed III from October 30th.

For Europe, they’ll only have the choice of a 500GB model or a 12GB flash memory model, just good for one full install of Gran Turismo 5.

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