Sony Introduces Augmented Reality Gaming With The PS Vita

Augmented Reality cards have always been mindblowing. They’re a glimpse into a future that has yet to reach us. And so we were psyched to hear that Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong are releasing AR Play Cards for the PS Vita come November 7 2012.

These cards can be detected by the Vita’s rear camera, and can transform nearly any surface into a virtual gaming platform.

AR Play Cards will be bundled with the Cosmic Red and Sapphire Blue editions of the Vita, with new sets available for free download here. Each system will come with six AR Play Cards as well as a PlayStation Store voucher code for three free AR games: Table Football, Cliff Diving, and Fireworks.

These games are admittedly not what most of you would like to play, but they’re a step towards an amazing future of AR games. Buy them, try them, and keep the faith in Sony! With the press release promising that “this is only the beginning for augmented reality on PS Vita,” we’re sure something even better is already in the pipeline.