Snag yourself a Razer Phone 2 for only S$829

razer phone 2 - gallery 03

If you’ve been saving up for a Razer Phone 2 then now’s the time to cash in.

Razer is having a limited-time promotion for their flagship phone, lowering the price from S$1,249 to only S$849. That’s a whopping S$420 price reduction right there!

Don’t worry about getting that bang out of your buck, either. The Razer Phone 2 is unquestionably one of the best mobile gaming devices on the market right now. Sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 2.4GHz processor, 8GB of RAM, and a custom vapor-chamber cooling system, it packs near-desktop-level processing power within its sleek frame.

It’s no pushover in other departments, too. 4K video resolution, Dolby Atmos dual front-firing stereo speakers, and inbuilt Razer Cortex functionality ensure you get the best experience for both gaming and media streaming.

Oh, lest I forget, this discounted model will ship with the new Android Pie software (current Razer Phone 2 owners should see the update rolling out already, if not soon). If you’re going to go all in, user functionality shouldn’t be left out of the equation.

Personally, I think this is excellent, I repeat, excellent value for S$849. I’ve no question over the phone’s quality and workmanship, as I’ve not known Razer for cutting corners in their tech. You don’t see a discount of this level every day, so strike while the iron is hot!

With that said, here’s the link to the Razer Store. You’re welcome.

Kenneth Ang

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