Siri Enhancements, Turn-By-Turn Navigation Coming To iOS 6

At the WWDC 2012 keynote this morning, Apple introduced the next iOS version for most of their iOS devices, iOS 6.

Apple has several new updates and enhancements to the features of the iOS operating system, including Siri, coming to the iPad. The voice-command genius is now capable of feeding users scores from sports matches, such as the EPL, NBA, NFL and the Serie A, as well as obtaining stats of individual players. Tweeting and Facebook Status Updates are also available through Siri now, as well as launching apps using Siri. Siri Local Search is also now available in several more countries, including languages in Italian, Switzerland, Korean, Canada, Taiwan and Hong Kong (Singapore not good enough for you, Apple?).

Enhancements to the Maps app include the dropping of “G Brand” maps from the maps itself. Apple has rebuilt the Maps app from the ground up, re-featuring the improved local search functions, crowd-sourced traffic reports (including where traffic incidents have occurred) and, most importantly, the ability to use the iPhone 4S and the new iPad as a turn-by-turn GPS navigator that’s viewable through the lock screen.

iOS 6 also allows users to sync their open tabs in Safari on their other computers through iCloud. The new Mobile Safari also boasts the ability to upload photos from the Camera roll itself, in case you have to upload something onto an uncommon web application, as well as full-screen landscape browsing.

Apple has also taken the first step into mobile payments with the introduction of Passbook. The app allows you to store discount coupons, digital tickets to flights, sporting events and prepaid cards to stores such as Starbucks, so you’ll have less things to carry in your wallet. It is likely this feature won’t be finely-tuned or available for Singapore just yet, though.

Other added features include Facebook integration, enhancements to the Phone app, accessibility features, Game Center challenges, privacy controls and Lost Mode in case you lose your phone. A new “Do Not Disturb” feature suppresses incoming messages, phone calls and push notifications if you do not want to be bothered for a period of time.

iOS 6 will be ready this Fall for iPod touch 4th Gen, iPhones 3GS, 4 and 4S and iPads 2 and New. There doesn’t seem to be a price tag attached, as always, so Apple is definitely stepping it up once again with iOS 6.

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