Singapore vs. Malaysia Street Fighter Friendly This Weekend

Come 2nd June, some of Singapore’s top Street Fighter players will be squaring off against a team of 15 from Malaysia.

The matches, which will take place over Xbox Live Arcade, will be conducted at Tough Cookie Gaming Cafe and streamed live from 1400hrs GMT +8 on CrossCounter Asia.

Players representing the country are as follows:

1. Eng Ghim Kee – GACKT (Fei Long)
2. Ho Kun Xian – DM. Xian (Gen)
3. Leslie Cheong – Leslie (Sagat)
4. Julius Hoe – GANGURO (Ryu)
5. Rodney Qiu Baofeng – Rodney (Chun-Li)
6. Chris Hong Mun Heng – M_Flo24 (Rose)
7. Yeo Jk – Rchan (Cammy)
8. David Sim – Real Deal (Akuma)
9. Chan Weijie – Weijie (C.Viper)
10. Mark Chionh – SBK (Cody)
11. Jeremy Lim Da Feng – Jeremy224 (Akuma)
12. Sean Koe – Shoguku (E.Honda)
13. Alan – Alan (Sakura)
14. Soon Yong – SY (Rufus)
15. Chris Chia – Small Chris (Makoto)

They are led by Jon Lim, and will have Dixon ‘GambleBoxer’ Pang (Balrog) and Sherman ‘SleepIsGood’ Lum (M. Bison) as reserves.

“I have complete faith in the team, that they will deliver the results and put up an all-star performance. They will most definitely entertain,” said Jon, captain of the team.

As if backing him up, top Sagat player Leslie cheekily added on Facebook: “put me an get a OCV (one character victory). Doesn’t matter if I’m first or last to come out.”

We’re looking forward to entertaining, if not victorious, matches this weekend. The tournament is expected to run approximately 6 hours, to 2000hrs that evening.

(Photo from Edmund Yeong Photography)