Singapore Marvel Players Square Off In 'Hair Match'

UPDATE July 20: It appears Chusan never agreed to a ‘hair match’, and instead has agreed to a FT_15 with Moca on their own private terms. The battle is still going on, sans the head shaving.

You’ve seen big matches played for pride. You’ve seen tournaments played for prestige. And you’ve seen competitions played for cash prizes. But what about a first-to-fifteen race for your hair?

The Singapore fighting game community is gearing up for the match of the year next Friday. Local Marvel players ‘Chusan’ and Marcus ‘Moca’ Oh have agreed to a first-to-fifteen race in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 to determine who is the undisputed, best Marvel vs Capcom player in Singapore.

Since betting is illegal in Singapore, the match doesn’t have any money at stake. Instead, these two bold players will be putting their hair on the line.

A la the Kurt Angle and Edge and Christien fiasco in the WWE years back, it has been agreed that the loser will have to shave his head, on stream, into a ‘flat top’ hairstyle. The first-to-fifteen matches and the head-shaving will happen on the evening of 27th July.

This is the first time in our history of gaming that we’re hearing about a hair match, and we’re certain it’s going to be exhilarating (and hilarious). There’s also going to be a prize pot, but it will go to the loser to applaud him for being a good sport. Members of the local fighting game community have also chipped into the prize pot, notably with Mark ‘SBK’ Chionh adding a Louis Vuitton Saumer bag, and Yeo ‘Rchan’ J. K. contributing a Dior t-shirt.

Be sure to catch the match of the year on stream at CrossCounter Asia, or head on down to Tough Cookie Gaming Cafe to witness the battle live! More details at this Facebook event page.


(Poster: Jon Lim)