Singapore: Clash Of The MRT Lines Resolved For The Year

Singapore’s fighting game community hosted their annual 25 v 25 showdown last Saturday at Tough Cookie Gaming Cafe. Teams for the battle were split according to where they lived along the country’s train lines.

With over 350 concurrent viewers during the stream’s peak, the matches drew even the likes of Di3mini0n as spectators. The epic clash was predictably won by the East-West, also known as the ‘Green Line’ in Singapore, which boasted the country’s top players – DM.MCZ Xian, DM.MCZ Gackt, and Sagat king, Leslie – at a score of 25 to 19 in their favour.

The tide had been expected to go clearly in the Green Line’s favour, especially since Leslie’s recent relocation to the east of Singapore had left the Red Line without an anchor player. He had been the anchor in previous MRT Line battles held in 2009 and 2010. But the Red Line didn’t go down without a fight. Sagat player Tanky Tanka slayed seven players in a row on his team’s behalf, while Kee Wenjie, popularly known as the disciple of Dixon Gambleboxer, took down the Green Line’s infamous DM.MCZ Gackt.

The 25 vs 25 ‘civil war’ had last been organised in 2010, with its inaugural faceoff first being held in 2009.

“The main aim was to gather the community back again for lots of hype and trash talking,” said Jasper Chew, organiser and team leader of the Green Line, on why they had decided to have a third go at this unique event.

While the clash of the MRT lines is typically an annual affair, players itching for another attempt at their One Character Victories may not have to wait much longer. Rumour has it that the Singapore community may soon be facing off against representatives from Hong Kong…

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