Silent Hill: Revelation Crawling Your Way This Week

Silent Hill: Revelation will open in cinemas this Thursday. Are you ready for it?

The film is based on Silent Hill 3, and is also a sequel to the 2006 big-screen adaptation, Silent Hill.

Revelation will follow Heather Mason – the blonde haired protagonist of Silent Hill 3 and the new alias of Sharon/Alessa from the first movie – now an 18 year old who, with her father Harry Mason, has been on the run all her life from dangerous forces she does not understand.

Heather is played by Adelaide Clemens from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, while Sean Bean reprises his role as Harry Mason. Radha Mitchell, mummy Rose from the first movie, will also make a special appearance.

There was much debate after the first movie as to whether Rose was trapped permanently in Silent Hill or not. It looks like Revelation will give a canonical movie-verse answer for this.

Finally, no Silent Hill movie can be complete without a defining freakish monster. Silent Hill had Pyramid Head. Silent Hill: Revelation will introduce us to The Missionary, the ultimate Silent Hill Assassin.

Catch Silent Hill: Revelation in cinemas from Dec 6 2012.