Should You Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?

Sleeping Dogs is a journey into the underbelly of vibrant Hong Kong, and a fight against one of the most powerful and dangerous criminal organisations in the world: its Triads.

Despite sinking into development hell several times during its journey, Sleeping Dogs is finally on its way to release. Following its cancellation by Activision in 2011, it was picked up by Square Enix and renamed to Sleeping Dogs (formerly True Crime), and now faces the world as a well-developed game with an attention to detail. Fans of Sega’s Yakuza may find many similarities between these two games, in fact.

This third-person open-world game sees you playing as Wei Shen, an undercover cop trying to take down the Triads from the inside. Described as the movie Infernal Affairs remade into a game, Sleeping Dogs is a mature and gritty undercover cop drama with plenty of swearing and flavour from the exotic locale of Hong Kong. Gameplay is expectedly violent, with painfully realistic sound effects and AI reactions.

Expect seamless explosive action and epic high-speed thrills as you run, fight and live in this brightly lit, violent city. Enter illegal races, gamble on cockfighting, or even head for a karaoke session: Hong Kong is yours for the picking.

Sleeping Dogs releases on August 14 2012, at a suggested retail price of S$69.90.