Shoot, snipe and play the piano on Overwatch’s newest map

overwatch paris

Overwatch is filled with environmental quirks. Take, for example the bells in the Dorado attackers’ spawn zone, or the basketball in some of the others.

While these may be fun to mess around with, the Public Test Realm (PTR) exclusive Paris map really takes the cake. It didn’t take players long to discover that the piano could actually be played like a real one!

Subsequently, many players abandoned capture points to try their hand at being Mozart instead. A few streamers, such as Fareeha Andersen, were quick to cash in on the hype as well. The Canadian player belted out an impressive rendition of the French song “La Vie En Rose” on stream, which has already garnered close to 5,000 views on Twitter.

Well, I’ve got to hand it to her: Being a top-notch Pharah is one thing, but playing the piano with a pulse rifle is another.

Kenneth Ang

Kenneth Ang

Kenneth is your dedicated jack of all trades gamer. When not working, he can either be found tilting on the Hearthstone ranked ladder or taking out his resulting frustration in Borderlands 2.