DM|Shen.Chan Sweeps Shenzhen SBO Qualifiers

Jovian ‘Shen Chan’ Chan has just swept the Shenzhen Super Battle Opera qualifiers for Soul Calibur V, making him the second Singaporean to do so this year.

The Cervantes player now has a slot to compete for Soul Calibur V in Japan’s well-known Tougeki competition.

“I feel very good about winning, of course. That’s the reason I came here. I will do my best to represent both Singapore and China in Japan,” the Team DM player told RGB.

Jovian was apparently very much welcomed by the Chinese players in Shenzhen, fellow player Samuel ‘Shen Ou’ Ong reported. They seemed more than happy to be graced by a top player, even referring to him as a “god”, and claiming (in jest) that he was “cheating by coming here to bully them”.

The same might be said of the yang to Jovian’s yin – Raymus ‘Shen Yuan’ Chang – who grabbed the Japanese Soul Calibur V qualifiers for Tougeki just last month. DM|Shen.Yuan made history by being the first foreigner to ever deal such a blow to the Japanese players. It looks like we might see the all-Singaporean finish we were expecting at EVO 2k12 at Tougeki in August instead!

Jovian noted that anything can happen at Tougeki, thanks to the single game, single elimination tournament format.”But I am going to catch them all!” he added.


Special thanks to DM|Shen.Ou for helping us with this article.