Shanda Games Eye European Market

It looks like Dragon Nest will soon have EU servers. GamesIndustry International reported that Shanda Games yesterday purchased a majority stake in the Germany-based eFusion MMOG GmbH. At the same time, eFusion also announced an agreement with Eyedentity Games, the Korean developers of Dragon Nest.

Shanda told GamesIndustry International that it “has a strong intention to enhance its presence in the European market…” Dragon Nest has pretty much consumed the Southeast Asian, Chinese and Korean markets, and the large-scale regional tournament being held at the ChinaJoy expo in Shanghai this weekend is testament to its voracious influence.

However, we wonder if Dragon Nest has what it takes to do well in the European market, or will it herald a new dawn for F2P (free-to-play) MMOGs. A similar question came to mind earlier this year, when European MMOG World of Tanks set up shop in Singapore. Can an Asian F2P game take off in Europe?

(Source: GamesIndustry International)