Send Your Productivity On Vacation: Nimblebit Releases Pocket Planes

From the creators of the hard-to-put-down tower management freemium game, Tiny Tower, comes their new airline management freemium game: Pocket Planes, now finally on the App Store.

Nimblebit’s new App Store offering lets users take control of their own pixelated airline starring the Bitizens you know and love. Players direct their planes across major cities around the world as they unlock them, ferrying passengers and carrying cargo to earn profits and expand their business further. There are 60 planes to unlock in all (for now).Planes can customise and upgraded to expand their reach and capacity and additional planes are unlocked via the usual bux transactions, much like those of Tiny Tower.

You can also band together to trade plane parts among your friends and compete in global events as a team, or “Flight Crew”. Needless to say, coins and bux from Tiny Tower cannot be carried over into Pocket Planes (otherwise, I’ll be starting on Easy Street), but if you drained many hours building an intangible tower, why not conquer the world with an international airline?

Pocket Planes is currently on the App Store for Free, with other elements subject to optional in-app purchases.

Join the #RobotsGoneBad Flight Crew on Pocket Planes! We don’t know what it does yet, so give it a shot!