SEGA is polling fans on games for the Mega Drive Mini

SEGA Mega Drive Mini JP Poll

SEGA is boarding the retro console train with its 16-bit Mega Drive Mini (Genesis Mini in North America), which was delayed to 2019 for an overhaul and worldwide release. While not much news has surfaced till then, the company has been polling Japanese fans over what games they’d like to see included.

The three series up for public voting are Sonic the Hedgehog, Puyo Puyo, and Shining Force. While it’s likely this would just be for the Japanese version, it’s worth seeing what games SEGA are toying with.

First up we have the iconic platformer Sonic the Hedgehog vs Sonic the Hedgehog 2:

Next, we have puzzle games Puyo Puyo vs Puyo Puyo 2:

And lastly, the side-scrolling beat-‘em-ups Shining Force: The Legacy of the Gods (Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention in NA) vs Shining Force II: The Ancient Seal (Shining Force II):

Fans hoping to get all those games are, unfortunately, out of luck as the publisher has tweeted that they’ll only include one title per series on the Mega Drive Mini.

Again, there’s not much else at the moment but there is this Japanese mini-site.

SEGA Mega Drive Mini Mock

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