Secretlab unveils the TITAN, their largest chair yet

Following the success of their OMEGA gaming chairs, homegrown manufacturer Secretlab has just announced their latest product: the TITAN.

Ergonomics make or break a chair and the TITAN is no exception. Based on the best-selling OMEGA, Secretlab has modified the design to better suit taller users. It now comfortably seats anyone up to 195cm and 130kg, even sporting an integrated lumbar support that is fully adjustable.

Listed changes include a larger, less contoured sided seat base; a taller backrest; and thicker and firmer foam. All of that sits on XL polyurethane casters so you can zip around the place, confident in the knowledge that they’ll spin oh so smoothly.

What’s likely to grab attention is that adjustable lumbar support, which is a first for the company. A knob on the side of the backrest controls the exact amount of lower spine support the TITAN offers, eliminating the need for cushions.

SL Studio Session-221


Recommended Height Range (cm)

175 – 195


Recommended Maximum Weight (kg)



Width of Seat (cm)



Length of Backrest (cm)



Seat Depth (cm)



Price (SGD)


(Promo: $599)


(Promo: $499)

The Secretlab TITAN is available for pre-order today, June 2, with the first shipments starting from early July. Promotional prices will only be available for a limited time.

As always, those concerned with fit or how the chairs actually feel can book a trip down to the Secretlab showroom along Bendemeer Road.


Ade Putra

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