*SCAPE is kicking off a new esports programme this Friday!

Let’s face it, esports is here to stay. Gaming and its competitive arm has permeated many facets of society, and it’s an industry that only continues to grow.

To continue their youth-focused mission,*SCAPE is launching a new esports programme this coming Friday (May 10th)! The Exposure and Xperience Programme, or EXP2019 for short, comprises over 40 different workshops for youths between 15-25 years old. These cover a diverse selection of disciplines, ranging from gaming skills to shoutcasting and even cyber wellness. The best part is: they’re all FREE!

Furthermore, there are stay-in youth camps as well, where aspiring gamers can get a better look at how the esports industry works and butt heads with like-minded individuals. Now that’s a camp I don’t mind attending.

Camps and workshops are not all there is to EXP2019, though. Completing the programme yields some very interesting benefits. For example, talented attendees will be identified and given green lane access to meet major industry players! On top of that, they’ll also take on youth leadership roles for the esports communities at *SCAPE. In my opinion, that’s the perfect collision of prestige and passion.

EXP2019 takes place at ESC Studio, *SCAPE’s own purpose-built gaming facility. We’ll have more details about the event and registration soon.

This isn’t a one-time event, either. So far, this new *SCAPEesports plans to conduct school visits, viewing events, and community rallies in the upcoming months.

Speaking of communities, is anyone a racing sim fan? If so, you might want to check out the Legion of Racers too!

Image: David Lee/Riot Games

Kenneth Ang

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