Rockstar Games Has GTA$500,000 Each For All GTA Online Players

GTAV developer to hand out half a million GTA Online dollars for every player as apology for the multiplayer mode’s rough start.

The online component to Grand Theft Auto V launched earlier this month, to lacklustre performance, loss of progress and loss of in-game characters, among several other glitches and bugs. Most of these are fixed now, and GTA Online has stabilised somewhat. But no, that’s just not enough. Rockstar Games is pulling a Maxis.

Fatten your bank account with a sweet 500,000-dollar cash stimulus package (worth about US$10) from Rockstar Games. Get yourself the smoothest ride, or a flashy apartment that looks down on all the people. Players must have had successful access to GTA Online in the month of October to qualify. Cash deposits will be made to players in two instalments of GTA$250,000 so the in-game economy won’t destabilise.

Rockstar Games will release the upcoming 1.04 patch to address vehicular loss and add stimulus package functionality. The company will announce the deposits on Rockstar Newswire when they’re made, the first one of which is coming as early as next week, after they confirm most of the bugs are throughly and truly fixed. Wouldn’t want all that green to evaporate.