Rocket League goes completely cross-platform

Rocket League

The immensely popular Rocket League has unbarred all the cross-platform gates.

This means that players from all four of the game’s compatible platforms — PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch — can get in on the same match.

Previously, PC players would either get matched with PS4 players or Xbox One and Switch players, not all of them. Now everyone can get in on the fun, though console players will still possess the “Psynet” designation when viewed by PC players. That said, the system won’t explicitly reveal which system one is playing on , which provides a bit more privacy and security.

This is all part of developer Psyonix’s plan to introduce cross-platform parties. According to them, it’ll be implemented when the “first update” of 2019 hits, but we still don’t know when exactly that is.

This change might not affect player density in the main game modes, since those are usually quite packed already. However, it might mean that players trying out less popular modes, like Snow Day, will spend less time on the matchmaking screen.

Check out the official Playstation tweet for more info. They’ve been answering questions about the patch in the thread, which might coincide with your own queries.

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