RGB Giveaway: The Normandy SR-2 has a Pilot!

Two weeks ago, we launched our first RGB giveaway, searching for a pilot deserving of a Normandy SR-2 replica from Mass Effect 3, courtesy of Electronic Arts Singapore.

We had many entries, but though a few were certainly the best, only one caught our eyestalks. It’s pretty inspiring stuff. The kind that gives humanity hope. Check it out:

“What is the fate of earth?
Humans begrudgingly fighting amongst themselves.
…Losing their faith at the most inopportune of times.
When the darkness beckons from the cosmos, leaving a wake of fear and terror…
A sign of hope; like a protector from heaven.
Piloting the faiths of a desperate few – to take back what’s ours.

This is our planet.”

And that delightful piece is from Melvin Thunderthighs. Congratulations. You just won yourself a Normandy SR-2 replica. Now find FemShep and bring her back, will you?