Trailer Offers You More Excuses To Play RE6

Capcom has released a trailer with an out-of-character chirpy voice showcasing the features laced around the online counterpart to the sixth game in the main Resident Evil/BIOHAZARD series.

As seen in the trailer above, aims to offer a more social experience to gamers swimming knee-deep when the game arrives in October. It’ll track your stats in your game and those of your friends or opponents, especially if they beat your scores on Mercenaries mode. The service also has community challenges to become champion of the world. RE points earned by playing RE6 help unlock exclusive unlockables both in and out of the game, like Mercenaries costumes and figures. will also offer a smartphone app version of the service and a story recap of what you’ve encountered in the game so far, in case you were too busy fending off the infected to care. Resident Evil 6 is due for October 2nd on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.