Reminder: iOS 6 Will Remove Google's Maps

If you’re sitting in front of your iOS device waiting for the iOS 6 software update to fall from the tree, here’s a reminder that Apple is dropping the native YouTube app and refreshing the Maps app with their own brand of cartography.

For many, the native YouTube app won’t be missed. It was a dated application made by Apple to play internet videos off Google’s servers. YouTube evolved faster than that app ever did, so when Apple’s licence for the app expired, they decided to not extend its life any further. Google has since released their own YouTube app on the App Store, even though YouTube itself has a very nice mobile web interface capable of HD playback for years now.

The Maps app, however, will be replaced with Apple’s own maps that is reportedly not as comprehensive as Google Maps. The updated Maps app will come with turn-by-turn navigation and 3D maps of cities in the US, but it will lose Street View and local search results, of which Google remains tops for. Google, however, has no hard feelings and will graciously provide a Google Maps app for iOS 6 available on the App Store in the near future.

iOS 6 will bring further updates and improvements to iPhones, iPod touches and iPads, ranging from Siri improvements, Facebook integration and Passbook. It is expected to be released within the next day.