Red Dead Online Beta kicks off this week, full access on 30 Nov

Red Dead Online Beta

There are probably few who have seen all that Red Dead Redemption 2 has to offer, but those hoping to shoot up the Old West with their friends can now count the days to the Red Dead Online Beta. Rockstar has revealed that servers for the multiplayer mode will go live this week, with full beta access to all dated for 30 Nov.

“The launch of the Red Dead Online Beta is the first step in what will be a continually expanding and dynamic world, and the beta period will allow us to deal with the inevitable turbulence of launching any online experience of this size and scale,” wrote Rockstar in their news update.

Like the still-popular Grand Theft Auto Online, the online world of Red Dead will see players creating and customizing their own character to explore and get up to no good with. A posse of up to seven players may be formed to take on missions and challenges across the massive world, either socializing and hunting together or straight up shooting and competing with other rival posses.

Of course, if it’s anything like its modern-day counterpart then players can look forward to years of updates, events, and ongoing support to busy themselves with. For now, however, Rockstar’s main agenda is to roll out access to all without having things fall apart.

Early access begins later tonight, 27 Nov at 8:30am EST (9:30pm SGT).

  • 27 Nov: All Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition owners
  • 28 Nov: All who played RDR2 at launch (26 Oct) by their data
  • 29 Nov: All who played RDR2 between 26-29 Oct by their data
  • 30 Nov: All Red Dead Redemption 2 owners

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available on PS4 and Xbox One. Check out our review here.


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