Razer sponsors local esports team Chaos Theory

Razer has inked a new partnership with Singapore-based Chaos Theory, a professional esports team with players in Overwatch, League of Legends, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. On top of supporting the team with peripherals and other gaming gear, the brand will also create and distribute an exclusive line of official Chaos Theory uniforms and apparel.

Chaos Theory was founded in September 2017 by veterans Drew Holt-Kentwell and Hai Ng, billed as “Singapore’s first fully-professional esports team” with employment contracts, CPF contributions, and medical benefits.

Holt-Kenwell is Razer’s former head of global esports, packing eleven years of experience, while Hai Ng is the co-founder of Neomancer LLC and Spawn Point, having spent more than a decade in gaming and even longer in technology. Joining the two is general manager Zanthel Tan, better known as “Vampyrette” in the local esports scene.

The current Chaos Theory stable includes an Overwatch team, a League of Legends team, a PUBG squad, and three streamers. While headquartered in Singapore, Chaos Theory intends to further develop the esports scene in Southeast Asia as a whole.

“Chaos Theory is excited to partner with Razer as we collectively work towards the development of esports in the region,” said Holt-Kenwell in a news release. “This partnership is testament to Razer’s commitment to championing professional team esports in Southeast Asia and beyond, and their high-performance hardware will undoubtedly be an amazing boost for our team.”

Razer’s senior manager of talent marketing, Josh Collins, said they were “thrilled” to partner with the up-and-coming team. “Razer has always been a strong supporter of the esports scene and we look forward to Chaos Theory taking the gaming world by storm.”

Razer already sponsors a slew of esports talents across multiple games, counting famous names such as South Korea’s SK Telecom 1 and Seoul Dynasty, Singapore’s Ho Kun Xian, Hong Kong’s PandaCute, and much more among the Team Razer family.

Extend your congratulations and follow Chaos Theory’s exploits over on their Facebook page.

Image: Chaos Theory

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