Razer Re-Releases StarCraft II Peripherals in Zerg Colours

Razer’s StarCraft II peripheral line, the Spectre, Marauder, and Banshee, have been re-released in purple. How’s that for prepping for Heart of the Swarm?

While I’ve always had my own preference for mice and keyboards, the Banshee headset is pretty nice. The APM lighting shows up best on it, too, and the built-in volume and mic control buttons are perfect for adjustments made on the fly.

However note that these badass Zerg accessories won’t come cheap.

The Spectre mouse is priced at US$59.99, while the Marauder keyboard will cost US$99.99. The Banshee headset is US$89.99. A special Heart of the Swarm-designed messenger bag is also available, albeit at a pricey US$79.99. You do get a badass Zerg!Kerrigan on it, though.