Razer broadens their horizons with Respawn energy drinks

razer respawn

First came the Xbox branded Lynx toiletries that make you smell like a gamer (what?). Now, Razer has a new energy drink where you can taste the— wait, no, not like that.

Razer’s new energy drink link is called Respawn and it’s touted as a “mental performance drink” for gamers who need that extra kick in the head. They come in the form of sachets that you mix with water. Think Milo, except they replaced the football player on their packaging with a Doritos-munching dude and then jacked up the prices like crazy.

Respawn comes in 20-pack boxes that cost US$25 (~S$34). It has flavors like Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Pomegranate Watermelon and Tropical Pineapple.

That’s all well and good, but what if you want to go all in? What if, while mixing this drink, you wanted to be reminded that this was generously gifted unto you by the Razer gods? Well you’re in luck, because a Razer branded shaker cup is also available for US$30 to make you feel like the superfan you are.

To take Respawn a little more seriously

They do seem to be trying with this one. Razer states that they’re focusing on the drawbacks of sugar and taurine, optimising Respawn to work best as an energy drink without those ingeredients. If you’re an esports athlete, or you just want to get through a long night of multiplayer grinding, this might be a better bet than most readily available options.

My advice? Milo. One packet, hot water – that’s all you need. I’m not even thinking of getting Respawn until they add RGB lighting to that shaker cup.

Images: Razer

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