Razer Blade On Sale Today in Singapore

Yup, the much-vaunted gaming laptop is finally on sale in Singapore today. Available both online and at Ngee Ann City’s Best Denki, be prepared to shell out a cool S$3,999.99 for it. New owners will also get a free Razer Orochi gaming mouse – Razer Blade edition of course.

Now the Razer Blade is a sleek, sexy piece of machinery that packs pretty decent firepower for a gaming notebook this slim. Even with a 17.3inch screen, the Blade is just 2.25cm thick and weighs 2.92kg – making it the thinnest and lightest laptop built purely for gaming to date. But is it the best notebook for gaming on the go?

This is the same – read, not upgraded – product that debuted in the Blade’s US launch earlier this year. With newer, more affordable and similarly-specs notebooks hitting the market every day, we question how long it’ll stay relevant in the market.

On top of that, the Blade is touted as a portable gaming computer. While it far surpasses the mark of being one, we do wonder if local gamers be willing to shell out a rather hefty sum for a gaming notebook. In a small country where home is never more than an hour’s bus ride to a cybercafe/LAN shop, and where desktops are still the de facto choice for PC gaming, the Blade looks very likely to be a niche computer of choice.

But to the Razer fans (Ed: who are, in my mind, as rabid as Apple fans are) and hardware enthusiasts, the Blade is a wonderful piece of technology artistry. And we are hard pressed to disagree. But at that price point, one would expect more.