Qisahn Faces Disgruntled Customers Again

It appears that local retailer Qisahn, previously in trouble for selling overseas PS Vita sets as local ones, is coming under fire from gamers again.

We first received a tip-off that a four-pack order of Diablo III from them had all CD keys already claimed. A check on their website revealed this to be a common problem among Diablo III preorders made through Qisahn.

“ATTENTION!” says a frequent announcement on Qisahn.com’s chat box. “To those who have received their keys but are unable to use them. Please forward the email you received to chris[at]qisahn.com. Those who have not yet received, please do not email as you will only flood my colleague’s inbox and resulting yourself getting banned. DO TAKE NOTE.”

However we believe the CD-key issue only affects certain copies, as the ones ordered by other customers we approached are working perfectly. Nonetheless, the local retailer, usually known for rock-bottom prices and decent service, has to step up its game. While it is issuing new CD-keys via email, these CD-keys are apparently too pixelated to be read.

Apart from many gamers denied their chance to walk in Sanctuary, it seems like couriered copies have also not made it to customers’ doorsteps.

According to one user, the courier service’s customer service told them that “they can’t track whether they have collected from Qisahn.” Unfortunately, Qisahn themselves told this selfsame customer that they have no way of checking if the courier has collected from them.

We will update on this issue as the first day of Diablo III progresses, and will be getting in touch with Qisahn as well.

In the meantime, disgruntled customers of Qisahn could try not to overload the staff there with too many messages. We’re sure things will get sorted out in the end, albeit with a delay!


UPDATE 2150hrs

Qisahn has since made an update on its Facebook page, stating that 18 courier parcels did not get picked up, while 50 CD-keys had not reached their owners. A unspecified number of CD-keys handed out via email were also noted to be unreadable. Qisahn is working on the latter issue and states that all keys will be received by tonight.

While their effort to tackle the angry mob at the online doorstep is admirable, we do feel that Qisahn could have made better preparation for the expected madness stemming from the launch of a much-anticipated Blizzard game. Given their current track record, it’s easy for customers to lose patience, or even their faith, in the company. Here’s to Qisahn stepping up their game, and remaining not only the cheapest game store in Singapore, but also the one with the best service.