Primal Carnage Will Make Zombies Passe

4v4 Human vs Dinosaur combat. Is that enough to send your heart racing?

Primal is an ‘asymmetrical online-multiplayer class-based game of humans versus dinosaurs’. Hunt and be hunted!

Current videos and a preview at GamesRadar point to a game that won’t just please dinosaur fanboys; it also has the potential to redefine the done-to-death multiplayer FPS genre. The game is currently slated for a PC-only release.

The human players in the game are known as the Mercenaries, and comprise of five classes, each built to deal with a specific aspect of the dinosaur threat. The dinosaurs are… well, the Dinosaurs, and have their own unique skills as well. Mercenaries play from your standard first person perspective, while dinosaurs are handled from third person. Zombies will be passé very, very soon.

As of press time, the game’s story is that the Mercenary team was dispatched to reclaim the dinosaur-infested island by getting to and holding abandoned facilities in the maps. More details on other game modes will be released later.

The game is described as an arcade-style shooter that’s easy to pick up, with tailored character classes that will force players to work together, or die. Primal Carnage is expected to release later this year via digital download. Get more information on it here.