Preview: Sound Shapes

Sound Shapes is a PlayStation Network exclusive title we got to sample a while back at the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary.

At first glance, Sound Shapes is a platformer – but play on, and you realise that your actions are what make the music. “Equal parts musical instrument and game,” is how Sound Shapes is described.

Not only can you build your own levels, you can also enjoy original music from I Am Robot and Proud, Jim Guthrie, Deadmau5 and other artistes. The music and artwork you experience in your campaign can also be used for your own unique track. Alternatively, you can boot up the editor to create your own level from scratch.

Sound Shapes is simple enough to play, and the sound effects double up to create a sense of relaxation. You control a little ball of cute that can stick to – or drop off – objects at your command. The aim of each area is for you to collect all musical notes.

Don’t worry about dying in this game – there are no game over conditions. Each level comes well illustrated, with bold outlines, and the resulting images go well with its accompanying song. Sound Shapes is definitely a game meant for chilling out to, a game that you can easily pick up, stop and continue another time.

Sound Shapes will be available on both the PS3 and PS Vita, and both versions can be yours for S$18.79. It releases on August 7 2012.