Portal 2 updated with Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC, now 66% off on Steam

True to his word, Cave Johnson has approved the release of the Aperture Science Perpetual Testing Initiative for the home version of their Portal project, available today.

The automatic update will apply the DLC to your game, adding the extremely simple-to-use level editor to Portal 2 at no additional cost.

It is also worth noting that the original Portal, Portal 2 and the PC/Mac version of the interactive book “Portal 2: The Final Hours” are all 66% off on Steam, dropping the price for The Portal Bundle comprising of both games to US$8.49. So there isn’t a better time to get tested than today. The midweek offer will end in the next 41 hours.

Stay tuned to RobotsGoneBad for a video walkthrough of the Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative.

Portal 2 [Steam Store]