Pokémon iOS Junkies Can Get Their Fix With Little Masters

It’s not Pokémon, but Little Masters comes pretty close to that.

Rilda.com is launching a freemium iOS app that looks scarily like Pokémon. Even its monsters and movesets seem to be mashups of existing pocket monsters. The premise of the game will be to capture monsters, train them, evolve them, and beat your friends up with them via WiFi or mobile network connections. You’ll need paid currency to buy the extra stuff, but the good thing is this paid currency can be earned by battling your friends too.

“The more friends you play with, the more you can get,” wrote a rep on the TouchArcade forums. “We hope everyone will be able to enjoy the game without being limited to pay-to-play, especially those who love to battle with their friends.”

Little Masters is currently under review by the App Store and, should it pass review, will be available for download in the next week or so. Do note that the screenshots above are of a build that was still in development, so the final product may look a little different.

(Source: VideoGameWriters. Photos: Rilda)