Pokédex Now On iOS

Nintendo released a paid-for Pokédex app for the iOS last Friday for iPhone and iPad devices. The app, which is currently available only on the Japanese App Store, costs ¥170 and covers Generation V Pokémon.

Info on the pocket monsters of previous Generations can be bought in four different ‘packs’, which cost ¥500 each.

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t the first time Nintendo has released something for the iOS. A Japan-only free app called Pokémon Say Tap was available for a limited time last year. There has been no announcement on whether the Pokédex app will reach App Stores beyond Japan, so you’ll have to make do with your 3DS’s Pokédex for now.

One thing’s for sure – having the Pokédex available on a more portable and ‘dex shaped device will definitely make all of us feel more like trainers. Now if only they’d include the AR Pokémon Dream Radar as an app, too…


[Source: Eurogamer]