PlayStation Plus Turns 3, Free Trial Up For Grabs

After winning the crowd at E3 2013 yesterday, Sony is now giving away PlayStation Plus trials in celebration of the service’s third birthday. Clearly Sony’s lucky stars are in alignment, considering the timing of it all.

The trial will only be available to those who’ve never tried PS Plus before and will last until 24th June. Redeeming the voucher code will start the free membership, but do remember that you’ll have to manually cancel the subscription else it’ll renew automatically.

Newcomer Voucher: DQQT-FQN8-KRH2 (Valid until 24 June 2013)

There’s something for current and former members too. Starting or renewing a subscription between now and 8th July will net you with bonus time, so 30-day subscriptions (S$6.99) gets you 40 days while one-year subscriptions (S$42.99) awards an extra 60 days. What makes this better is that membership is now “stackable”, meaning you could buy three months’ worth of PS Plus right now and get an entire month free!

I’d like to point out here that the PS Plus is tied to whichever PSN Store you purchase from, so content you get from Asia will not necessarily be the same as US. That said the promotion detailed here is only valid for the Asia region – find out what the current offers are over here.

On a parting note, renewing PS Plus memberships during the promotional period will also get you a LittleBigPlanet Special Limited Theme, so you now have an excuse to spice up that XMB interface a little.

Head over to the PlayStation Blog for more information.

Ade Putra

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