This Is One Party Game You've Gotta Plunder

Because When Vikings Attack is a whole lot of inane fun. 

The PlayStation Network exclusive game supports up to four players in co-op or versus mode, and is also compatible with Sony’s Cross Play function. It can seem too casual, or even pointless at first glance, but pick up the controller and this PS Network game will prove you wrong.

You need When Vikings Attack as a staple party game on your PlayStation. There is no other way about it. Gameplay is simple enough for grandmothers, fast enough for the most attention-deficit player, and just too. Much. Fun!

All you have to do is knock your opponent’s team out of their circle of control to win, and it gets pretty crazy when you have four people trying to do that. You can stay alive in the massacre of bouncing motorbikes and penguins by picking up new NPCs who run across the screen. Single player mode can get a bit repetitive because the vikings just keep coming, but you’re guaranteed laughs regardless because of the cute backgrounds and ridiculous array of destructibles you can throw around.

When Vikings Attack has yet to be priced but we think it’ll be worth your time and money, moreso because of its Cross Buy feature. You’ll be able to play it across your PS3 and PS Vita consoles, and sync your game saves, too.