Nintendo eShop on its way to Singapore?

According to a post by the Singapore Nintendo 3DS Community page on Facebook, the Nintendo eShop for Singapore is showing signs of life.

Changing your region settings under they system profile (if it isn’t already pointed to “Singapore” if you’ve been using the US or Brazilian store) will no longer show an unsupportive message when accessing the Nintendo eShop. Instead, a bare-bones Nintendo eShop will show up, showcasing current games at retail with nothing else in-store at the moment. Curiously, my credited amount from the US eShop still appears on the Singapore eShop balance, though the adding of funds through prepaid code or credit card is currently disabled. Items in the “Your Downloads” tab show no further information.

What can this mean? Well, at least the local Nintendo eShop is showing some signs of life, even though there is nothing there to purchase. It could also mean nothing and the the Singapore eShop can just be a medium for Nintendo to show retail titles across regions.

The Nintendo eShop launched in June last year in the US, Europe and Japan, with the Ambassador Program set in motion in August 2011. With no eShop, some of the eligible Ambassadors here were left out during the exercise, not something a quick trip to the US eShop couldn’t solve.

(Thanks, Jerry!)