Nintendo 3DS Getting Menu Folders, Don't Tell Apple.

So you’ve gone downloaded every piece of 3DSWare, DSiWare, trailer and demo software and now you have no more slots on your our HOME menu? Well, Nintendo has heard your cries and whimpers with a software update coming April 25th.

Nintendo Japan announced the update through the latest Nintendo Direct, and was confirmed to arrive on the consoles in the Western regions with a tweet from Nintendo America. The HOME menu will have folders implemented on the UI, making life easier for those with a mess of icons that scream for attention when you turn on the system. So now you can pile your Virtual Console games together and sort your stuff any way you like.

Folders can be named, although you can’t see what’s inside the folder until you tap it. You’d think Nintendo would make the icons inside float around a 3D folder displayed on the top screen, at least.

The update will also bring recommendations specific to the buying history of the user, as well as exploit patches and updates for certain games, like Mario Kart 7.