Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update released, adds 3D video recording

Nintendo of America has released a firmware update for the Nintendo 3DS, two days early.

The update adds new content to StreetPass Mii Plaza, including a sequel to the Find Mii minigame and more panels for your Puzzle Swap collection, as well as adding accomplishments for meeting certain requirements and a map of where all your Miis come from.

More significantly, the update also adds the video recording functionality to the 3DS’s camera. You can only record videos at lengths of 10 minutes at a time and they can only be saved on the SD card. It’s still a nice feature to have. My American eShop-based Nintendo 3DS also obtained something called Nintendo Zone, which has allowed the download of Nintendo DS demos onto the Nintendo DSi in the past.

The update is ready for download through the Software Update function under System Settings for no charge.