Nier: Automata Game of the Yorha Edition launches on 21 Feb


2B lives on. The Nier: Automata Game of the Yorha Edition that was announced last Dec has been confirmed for a local release. SIE Singapore dates the PS4 version for 21 Feb (it’s coming to PC via Steam as well), bundling the 2017 game with its DLC and extra digital goods.

Going for S$54.90 or $50.90 (physical/digital), this release includes the ‘3C3C1D119440927 Expansion DLC’ and the in-game items listed below. It’ll also come with PS4 themes and avatars as the usual Sony bonus.

  • Machine Mask Accessory
  • Grimoire Weiss Pod
  • Cardboard Pod Skin
  • Retro Red Pod Skin
  • Retro Grey Pod Skin
  • Play System Pod Skin (DL Only)
  • PS4 Dynamic Theme
  • PS4 NieR:Automata Amusement Park Theme
  • PS4 Avatar Set

It’s got a new cover too.

The critically acclaimed Nier: Automata was developed by PlatinumGames, rockstars of the action genre – Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Transformers: Devastation all hailed from the Japanese studio. However, Automata stood apart for being an action RPG fixated on story, one overseen by the hilariously eccentric director Yoko Taro. His unique vision, combined with PlatinumGames’ strengths, an excellent soundtrack, and some massively popular character designs, made for a firestorm that blazed across the globe.

The long list of awards, nominations, and enthusiastic fan creations speak for itself. As with any “Game of the Year” release this is a great reminder for those late to the blindfold party. The Expansion DLC may not sound like much but it’s home to some interesting lore, and the challenge arenas do have some thought behind them.

Besides, you’ll get to join the in-crowd with the whole “glory to mankind” thing and the 2B vs A2 debates. We’ll leave you with some words from Yoko Taro himself.


Ade Putra

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