Ni no Kuni Bundle for the PS3 announced for November 17th

Level-5’s Ni no Kuni will be getting the PlayStation 3 bundle treatment. Sony Computer Entertainment HK will combine the PS3-exclusive title (well, half-title. The other one being a Nintendo DS game) with a pretty PlayStation 3 in “Magical Gold”.

The bundle will comprise of the standard PlayStation 3 console and it peripherals with game, plus a limited edition Ni no Kuni Magic Bible. Said bundle will retail in Singapore for S$508.90 from November 17th.

Ni no Kuni is a collaborative effort of Studio Ghibli and Level-5, bringing the fantasy RPG to life on the Nintendo DS before the PlayStation 3. The current Japanese version of the game, titled Ni no Kuni Shiroki Seihai no Jyo-ou (Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch), will be available on the same date for RRP S$79.90.

A localised version of the game will be a available for the Western market in 2012 thanks to Namco Bandai Games.