New Wario Universe Game with Game & Wario

Wario is back with Game & Wario (working title) for the Wii U! The game will feature an assortment of mini-games a la a typical WarioWare adventure, and will of course, include original characters from the series.

Four types of games have been announced for now. Here they are summarised for your reading pleasure:

Arrow – The GamePad is turned into a bow, shaped like Wario’s mustache. Players hold the GamePad vertically with one hand to aim it at the enemies onscreen, while their other hand pulls the arrow on its touch screen.

Ski – Players have to lead a skier to the finish line by holding the GamePad vertically and tilting it left or right. The TV screen will show off the skier’s flashy moves to keep the audience entertained.

Shutter – The GamePad is a camera now, and players have to use it to take photos of criminals hidden in a town before the time runs out.

Fruit – This is a multiplayer game for two to five people. Players will use the GamePad to control one of many characters onscreen to steal fruits scattered around a town. Once the thief has committed the crime, the player has to pass the GamePad to other players, who must then try to figure out who has stolen the fruit. It’s like the game ‘Murderer’, but on your Wii U!

That’s all the info available right now. More games will be announced at a later time.

(Source & photo: Nintendo)