New BenQ Zowie mouse pads now available in Singapore

BenQ Zowie - GS-R SE Red

With RGB being all the rage these days, it’s kind of refreshing to see a gaming accessories that don’t rely on the pulsing LEDs. BenQ Zowie have two mouse pads now available in Singapore, adopting the same design philosophy that made their gaming mice popular: affordable, simple, and reliable.

The new Zowie G-SR Red Special Edition (S$59) mouse pad takes over for the now discontinued G-SR-Blue, matching a smooth and evenly textured cloth surface to a non-slip rubber base. They say that it’s compatible with all mouse types and that users will maintain a consistent glide throughout.

BenQ Zowie - GS-R SE Red - Edge Close-Up

Those looking for something a little different can turn to the TF-X Series ($59) of mouse pads instead. They supposedly recreate the glide feedback of the plastic pads of old, yet come with all the comfort and flexibility that cloth pads bring. These are also resistant to liquids and fraying edges, common stabs to a mouse pad’s lifespan.

BenQ Zowie - TF-X Series - Edge Closeup

BenQ Zowie are well regarded for their line of esports-oriented products, from hyper responsive monitors to slick gaming mice, so these mouse pads should net you the same kind of reliability.

You may buy them through BenQ’s Lazada store or at select local retail shops.

Ade Putra

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