Multiplayer Crews: Take the fight from Max Payne 3 to GTAV

You got your game, you head online. Make a few friends and stick together to become champions of the lobby. But the fun and games end when a new game comes out, especially if you don’t keep tabs on your mates. Rockstar Games announced their plans to change all that with their games, with the introduction of Multiplayer Crews, during an interview with IGN.

Multiplayer Crews takes clan- or guild-gaming to a new level by integrating your group’s stats across multiple games across multiple franchises through the use of the Rockstar Games Social Club. This makes it easier for teams of players to track their progress, jump into a game or start lifelong grudges with players from other crews.

Players who demand satisfaction from their opponents can initiate vendettas between and mark that player as your target for revenge for extra experience points. This can also be ramped up to create crew rivalries and stats between feuds are recorded. This of it as one major gaming competition covering several games from Rockstar in the near future.

(Editor’s note: The screenshots are of the lucky Twitter participants who have lent their likenesses for Max Payne 3’s online multiplayer. They will be immortalised in-game as default characters.)

Multiplayer Crews Revealed on IGN – Play from Max Payne 3 to Grand Theft Auto V [Rockstar Newswire]
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