More GTAV Screens Emerge: Taking Time Off In Los Santos

Three more screens emerge off the Rockstar Games Newswire, dripping wet with tease, possibly highlighting the activities we can pick up when we’re not breaking into cars while in Los Santos.

The screens show off-road motorbiking, a tennis court (with tennis players in a country club/mansion setting) and parachuting/base-jumping(?). Players have been able to parachute off great distances in the The Ballad of Gay Tony expansion of GTAIV and Liberty City has a non-playable tennis court, but off-road motorbiking is new.

We’ve already seen a club and a gym on the beach in the trailer, so we have that. Interestingly, there are three empty slots on the GTAV website. Will there be more screens to tease us? Perhaps food?

Leisure [Rockstar Games]