MMOs More Like Real Life Than You Think

Some of the world’s top MMORPG guilds have come together to form a coalition known as Titan Alliance (TA).

No, they aren’t uniting to save the world from certain doom. They’ve come together, across games and continents, so they can be an unstoppable force in World vs. World PvP in Guild Wars 2.

Yes, MMORPGs are now serious business, even though they still only involve pixels.

For those familiar with the competitive MMO scene, the guilds involved are The Brotherhood (NA), Condemned (NA), Dusk Till Dawn (NA), Shadow of Apophis (NA), Unlimited (NA), Euphoria (EU), Synapse (Oceania) and The Elite (Oceania).

While there has been criticism that World vs. World PvP in GW2 is nothing more than massive zerging of your opponent world, TA hopes to bring strategy, tactics and communications to the table for better and more successful PvP experiences.

Not only do they have experienced, elite players who have achieved nothing less than server ‘firsts’ in various MMORPGs, they also have a set of values every charter guild is expected to follow.

Much like a fully-fledged corporate entity, TA embodies teamwork, shared leadership, recognition and accountability, organization and strategy as well as its community.

The guys in Wall Street could stand to take a leaf out of TA’s books.

(Source: Titan Alliance; Original photo: Google)