Microsoft Store Offering MS Office For Five Bucks (Update: Gone.)

Update: Looks like Microsoft saw the ridiculous price and pulled it.

Someone at Microsoft must’ve blown a fuse, because for just five of your Singapore Dollars, you can score a legitimate copy of Microsoft Office Professional Suite off of the Microsoft Store online.

That’s right. I got my copy at time of print, though it’s just a licence key for a single Windows PC, and it appears to be only on the Singapore Microsoft Store. But still, it’s something that originally retails for US$399.99 and there’s no telling how long this offer will last. Don’t you think you could blow S$5 on this?

As of 2235hrs today, it appears that Microsoft Office Professional 2013 has been unlisted off the Singapore Microsoft Store. I guess it was a mistake, but those who made the transaction within that time window may still receive a valid working license in their email. Unless Microsoft does something to change that. Fingers crossed. 

Microsoft Office Professional 2013 [Microsoft Store]